We now have a new service maintaining mono laser printers and supplying toner cartridges for them.

The supply of toner cartridges can be original OEM’s or re manufactured cartridges at a vastly reduced price compared with the original OEM’s.

Re manufactured cartridges in most cases does not invalidate the warranty and keeps your running costs down.

This new service offers various different levels of cover from just supplying of toner cartridges to guaranteeing the product for 1 year against breakdown*

There are lots of “stories” about compatible versus re manufactured and against OEM’s.

Compatible cartridges are exactly that, made from a factory to perform a function that “should” be compatible with your printer, albeit inkjet or laser.

Re manufactured cartridges are different.
The cartridge is inspected and graded and only the premium empty cartridges are used to ensure optimal quality.
Empty cartridges are carefully disassembled and cleaned using a proprietary state-of-the-art process. Through automation, precisely splitting the toner hopper with custom equipment and the hopper for the sealing phase.

Using automated filling equipment, each cartridge is precisely filled to the exact specified weight. Toner hoppers are filled with premium toners, which are technically matched to the OPCs (drum) for optimal yields and printer performance.

The factory-trained technicians assemble all cartridges with OEM grade compatible components (up to 75% new components are used in each cartridge.) The assembly process includes the installation of a pre-qualified drum, wiper blade, doctor blade, PCR and magnetic roller.

Each and every cartridge is post tested utilising industry standard print tests to ensure outstanding performance and quality.


*If you have a mono cartridge supplied by us and your printer serviced by us, we will guarantee the printer against mechanical breakdown (no call out fees) but, excluding abuse from operator and electrical circuit board failures, where call out fees and parts will be chargeable.

Email: printers@multimediarescue.co.uk